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Train PNR Status
Train PNR Status

An Insight into the Train PNR Status

PNR stands for the Passenger Name Record. In the early days, it was prevalent only for flight tickets but today even train reservation, hotels, etc., issues a PNR number for easy identification and management of the data. It is basically all the information of an individual. It includes the passenger name, contact details, the validity of the ticket and the names of the accompanying passengers. The different types of train PNR status are:

CNF: The status means that the ticket is a confirmed one. A passenger with this kind of ticket can travel safely and comfortably on the seat mentioned in the ticket. It is a confirmed seat for your journey.

CAN/MOD: When there is a change in the date of travel, class of travel, etc., the passengers can modify the ticket or cancel the tickets and the status will show up as CAN/MOD. With a modified ticket, the passengers can board in coaches as per the revised ticket.

RAC: It means Reservation against Cancellation, wherein the passengers can travel in a confirmed seat and a berth will be available as per the ticket cancellations. Such passengers are in priority for the allotment of travel berth according to the number of cancellations. They can board and travel in the reserved coaches.

WL: Such passengers are on the wait list. In case, the ticket status remains the same until the departure of the train, they can travel only in the general/unreserved coach. There are different types of wait list such as RLWL, GNWL, and PQWL depending on the location and the distance of travel.

To check the train PNR status, passengers can dial 139 or access the IRCTC website to obtain quick information.